Kol Nidre

More about the Appeal?

Yom Kippur and especially Kol Nidre is a time of reflection, a time when we look at ourselves and think about how we can become better people. We think about how we can improve the world around us and what our legacy will be. This may seem daunting. How can one person make a difference? How can one person change thousands of lives? The answer to this lies in one of the greatest strengths of the Jewish Community: when we are unified and act as one, our power to change the world is enormous. Tonight and tomorrow, through our collective prayers and pledges to give to charity, we can make a massive difference to tens of thousands of people. This year when we come together as a community we will be helping:

The People of Israel

We have so many strong connections with Israel and each community taking part in the Kol Nidre Appeal has selected causes close to their hearts. The support given will help people in poverty, people with poor health, people with complex needs; The Kol Nidre Appeal shows each community’s commitment to helping our brothers and sisters in Israel, young and old.

Supporting Our Community

Our Kol Nidre Appeal also supports a huge range of local community activities and programmes. In addition it supports the important work of: Tribe in creating a future for our communities through engaging, educating and inspiring the next generation, US Chesed whose work includes the network of US Community Care groups that take care of our communities’ most vulnerable members, and US Living & Learning who provide Jewish resources and programmes for our communities. Across our community tens of thousands of people of all ages benefit from the Kol Nidre Appeal.

Jewish Students on Campus

This year’s Kol Nidre Appeal also supports the important work of our Jewish Chaplains. University Jewish Chaplaincy offers pastoral care to thousands of Jewish students across the country enhancing the Jewish student experience and safeguarding Jewish university life.

This Kol Nidre we can leave a legacy that will change thousands of lives.

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